Tent Living to Get Started


One of the biggest obstacles to creating an ecovillage is simply the act of getting started. We have land, but at this point there are no buildings we have that would be suitable for living. There is a yome that can be pretty easily restored, and I am going to look into using it. More about that later.

Here is are some articles about tent living that really inspired me:

Living in a small tent: The art of tent living


This article was both inspiring and practical: 4 Off grid advantages of living in a tent


This tent looked pretty good for an individual dwelling place. Hey, if it is good enough for the special forces, it should be good enough for ecovillage living:)


Doesn’t this tent look cool? I could not figure out details about it.but maybe someone can do that. It is inspiring. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Winter-military-dome-tent-for-outdoor_60447677860.html?spm=a2700.7724857.0.0.f2HKnj&s=p

wow. I just didn’t realize there were such a variety of beautiful tents out there. Here’s a beauty–but they are out of stock:


This website called Livable Tents has a lot of great tent reviews and suggestions as to how to find them.


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