Jesus Vegans Project History: Wellspring Community members join advisory board of I Luv Fayetteville

This organization is one of the many I have created over the years. Isn’t my family patient and wonderful to support my dreams? They have been so kind to me even though sometimes my energies ended up leaving a lot of the household chores undone. And we all learned a lot. I feel so grateful to my family and their help in supporting me while I was on a journey that finally ended in the Jesus Vegans Project which fulfills all of my lifelong dreams (which are many!).


I Luv Fayetteville is a company that I just created dedicated to encouraging collaboration between all the caring people in Fayetteville who want to help our residents thrive.  I asked my community members if they would be on the advisory board, and they unanimously agreed. That is one handy thing about belonging to a community–people trust you!

I have poured my energy into this project with great love and have been received with encouragement by many. I feel so grateful.