Sharing at Christmas…a Christmas story I will not forget

Sharing personal stories about my life is one way to let you get to know me, the coordinator of Jesus Vegans Project. That’s why I am sharing this:

Taking a moment while everyone is getting ready to go out for our traditional Christmas walk and playing games to share a funny and touching story. Yesterday I walked home from Value Outlet with two big trashbags of stuff that I had bought. nothing fancy–very useful gifts.  A truck pulled up with a sign “Razorback Marching Band” on its side while I was walking by the gas station.  “Can you carry another bag,” a smiling woman asked. “Sure,” I said, surprised.  A green bag was tossed out to me, and I hope I thanked them!  I looked inside to see an abundance of chocolate candy.

I knew I needed to give this away quickly so I wouldn’t be tempted. So when I saw a trio of black basket ball players, I gave them a big bag of M n M’s. They were thrilled. “Merry Christmas,’ I called out.  Then I went home where Mahriyanna Kersbergen put ribbons around a few big bags, and I quickly made some cards and went to a few neighbors who accepted the gifts with big smiles and thanks.

A new neighbor, who Robert had met, was standing on her balcony. I offered her some candy, and she came down. I found out she was the daughter of a couple I know, the owners of Bean Mountain Farms–and we had a great conversation.  This is what happens when people are kind–it spreads like ripples. I feel grateful to that couple. Maybe I wasn’t homeless, but they gave to someone who could spread the good cheer.  Their hearts were in a beautiful place, and I feel grateful.

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1 thought on “Sharing at Christmas…a Christmas story I will not forget

  1. “This is what happens when people are kind–it spreads like ripples.”

    I love that.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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