Bad roads equals a good time for Wellspring Community

Usually Chris, Cliff and Mahriyanna go up to Resurrection Church near Kingston to worship and fellowship.  But today the roads were icy, and so we all decided to spend time together.  It was a marvelous day.  We started out with some heartfelt worship songs with Chris on guitar and Mahriyanna playing piano. We are so blessed to have a worship team in our community!  I had a vision of something that I experienced about 14 years ago which I hope to write about soon.  That was pretty profound for me.

I like the way we weave together prophetic words during songs, prayers and scripture reading in between.  Just like the old days twelve years ago when we attended the small house church in Living Springs where Cliff, Mahriyanna, Robert and I surrendered our lives to Christ.  We all flowed and felt connect to God and each other.

Sharing a meal is always a good thing with us. My simple Black Bean stew which had cooked on our wood stove since yesterday was yummy.  A fresh salad with stuff contributed by all of us gave us some healthy enzymes.  I can’t wait till we are growing salad ingredients inside~

Then we went out and played kickball in the snow.  We learned that it is lots of fun to play, even with only 5 people. We got some good exercise and had some good laughter as well.

Cliff and I talked about the old days when we had such adventures as hitchhiking from Arkansas to California and when we got to San Diego we only had a dime to make a phone call to my parents. I suggested that us getting together was the beginning of our community. That was almost 40 years ago! We’ve got some staying power.

Mahriyanna wrote on her facebook about today the following:

I was snowed in today, missing church and seeing friends, but the alternatives were house church, playing kickball in 6 in. snow with family, epic snow ball face-off with brother, hot chocolate, a good book….maybe I don’t mind being snowed in so much after all!

What a great day! Thank,  you Father,  for community.

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