Clearness Committee: A communal approach to individual decision making

One of the things our community aspires to do is get help with major decisions. With Chris getting ready to graduate this Dec. 21, 2013, he has many decisions to make.  Also, we are looking at how to invite other people into our circle, specifically one person who is interested in exploring joining our community.  The Clearness method, created by the Quakers, is one way to collectively listen the Holy Spirit guide us.

I feel very grateful to Teresa Blythe for this article in her blog about the Clearness Committee.

I love reading a clear explanation of how exactly to do this.  I used to have a little booklet about the Clearness Committee given to me by a member of East Wind Community where I lived for about six months. Wow!  That was 18 years ago, when the internet had not even come into existence. 

What amazes me is that many of the modalities that I have studied and been inspired by, but have not used that much, are still thriving. Open Space Technology is one such example. Consensual decision making is another.  How grateful I am that even when I did not consciously surrender my life to Jesus, I still tuned into truths that were lasting.  Because of this experience, I am convinced that a person does not have to be surrendered to Jesus to hear his voice.  He meets us where we are at if we are doing our best to seek the Truth.

The beautiful thing about being part of a committed, intentional community is that we can experiment with methods such as the clearness committee and we can benefit from this, and also share it with others.  I feel so grateful for Wellspring Community.  We are having an extra meeting today because it is too hard to drive out to Living Springs for church, and so we are meeting in our home. 


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