Great community meeting last night

We started out with singing Christmas carols, then shared how God is working in our lives.  We decided to buy a water purifier to help a needy family in Asia.  Lots of little things to discuss and come to agreement about, and it is wonderful that we are so often on the same page.

Played cards for fun at the end while discussing the meaning of such Greek words as phileo and agape.  We are so sophisticated!

I love my community a bunch–oh, and Mahriyanna made a marvelous dinner of baked butternut squash and rice while I threw together a salad at the last minute.

Hugs all around, and Chris and Cliff go to their home.  We feel so blessed. And it is so nurturing to have a wood stove to gather around and keep warm by along with a house that continues to yield more space as we downsize and de-clutter.

I’m glad we meet regularly, every other week.  This really helps us stay connected and moving forward to a time when we can welcome other potential members. We are going to host a Christmas sing along for the Veterans Hospital Christmas eve day.  That will be a wonderful way to include people in our community activities. 


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