Highlights of the Team Organizing Job: Part 1

First off, I want to reassure my readers that I always keep my clients’ identity confidential if that is what they want.  But Ted and Retha, who would have been the stars in the show if they had been on one of those hoarder’s programs on television, want to share the wonderful news that with the help of Jesus, family, friends, and a handful of hired folks including a contractor and his sub-contractors, we transformed their home in a way that they never dreamed possible.

In the beginning, they had so much shame because of their situation. But as the team of folks who helped them kept reassuring them that they were loved and accepted no matter what their environment looked like, I saw a profound in their demeanor. From beaten down, discouraged, and embarrassed, they gradually made a transition to nurturing, funny, encouraging, positive, joyful people who were ready to let the world know that change can happen with the right circumstances.

I want to start out by emphasizing that we really relied on God in order to be wildly successful as everyone thought we were.  People had been praying for Retha and Ted for many years previous, and more prayers were poured on when folks found out that I was coming to help facilitate a team to help with the sad situation that Ted and Retha were in. You see, the whole house was covered with deep piles of clutter.  There were only narrow paths to walk through to get to sleeping and sitting areas.  This contributed to many problems, the biggest one being the heavy burden of despair that comes with such an environment.

When Pat called me about two months ago and described the situation with her step son and his wife, I immediately knew this was going to need a team effort.  The last big job I did which was similar to the one she described took two months with me working 2-3 days a week.  Since I would be traveling to Booneville, and Pat was only available for a week to help since she lives in Florida, I knew this job would need to be done in a much more efficient way than one person (me) going as fast as I could.  Also, I had a vision that withindaysix days with others helping, the job could be completely done.  I really disliked how the job I did alone stretched on endlessly. I realized later that with me carrying all the boxes myself, I gradually built up an injury which almost prevented me from going on my tour to visit Christian communities.

About four years ago Chris, Mahriyanna and Robert helped with a really big organizing job where the client did not want to even be in the job because of stressful memories involving her children being sexually abused.  When I remembered how much more efficient it was to have a team, I realized that this was going to be important for Ted and Retha’s situation.  I’ll write more about how dramatic the change was from when we first started to when the job was completed in Part 2

What was very beautiful was that Pat realized that this could be a process that was going to be healing for the whole family.  So she engaged the help of Ted and Retha’s sons plus a handy lady who was able to work four out of the seven days that we worked. Pat was hoping that Ted and Retha would help, and they worked along side of us in a beautiful way that helped the job be both enjoyable and efficient.

I am now going to share more highlights in this next blog post http://wp.me/p2Uepi-vv

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