Praying for peace at Planned Parenthood

Our community is passionate about following in the footsteps of Jesus as he teaches us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Not only does Jesus tell us to love one another–our family, friends, church family, people we know-but we are told to go many steps further and want the best for people who think differently and do things that we think are hurtful.  I realize that many of my friends may have a different outlook than we do about abortion, but I believe when we pray against abortion in front our local Planned Parenthood, we are praying for peace.  Peace for the woman who often regrets her abortion.  Peace for the fathers who are begging his partner not to abort his child.  Peace for the unborn baby who can feel pain at 20 weeks.  Scientific evidence proves that here   Peace for the unborn baby who someone has determined has no human rights even though from conception he or she is a separate human being from the mother.

Even though there are countless issues that we could focus on, one of the main ones we spend our time with is participating in activities that will help prevent abortion–such as helping with our local pregnancy center Loving Choices–and praying against abortion during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils which happen twice a year.  We yearn for peace in this area because innocent lives are being taken and so many people are unwilling to take a stand.

We were never active in the anti-abortion movement until we learned about 40 Days for Life.  Previously we had seen so many anti-abortionists (who called themselves pro-life)  share their message in a violent way which often served to alienate people who might otherwise have some openness to that cause.  When we learned about 40 Days for Life when we witnessed them praying in front of a now closed abortion clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas, we became active supporters of the anti-abortion movement.

I call it “anti-abortion” because that is a much more accurate description than “pro-life”.  Yes, we are pro-life.  And I believe that all of my friends who support women in making a choice for abortion are pro-life.  My friends are caring people who fight for such causes as world peace, saving the earth,  stopping fracking,  protecting the Buffalo River,  preserving the wilderness, fighting poverty and hunger, standing up for injustice, and finding a solution to the horror of human trafficking.

I love these friends, some of whom have shared of their abortion experiences.  I care deeply about these folks who are passionate about doing good, yet at the same time believe that Planned Parenthood is a great organization that really serves women.  But as long as they want abortion to be available because a woman has a right to choose, then I will call them pro-abortion, rather than pro-choice.

Christopher and Mahriyanna started a group called Fun, Fellowship and Service. One of their first activities was to inspire their friends and parents to join them in attending a very inspiring rally where Abby Johnson, who had recently quit her job as a Planned Parenthood director when she realized that abortion was really killing a child and how much PP higher-ups were pressuring her to make more money by pushing abortion.   Shawn Carney, co-founder of 40 days for life, also spoke.  I will never forget their very compelling talks.  Now, three years later, Abby is one of the leading anti-abortion activists.

That started a twice yearly “adopt a day to pray against abortion” for Fun Fellowship and Service where they would choose a day that they committed to fill up with prayer warriors.  Then afterwards they would get together to have fellowship and fun.  I am so happy that they keep organizing this event.  Mahriyanna wrote about her experience in this blog post

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