Last minute kindness acts at a birthday party

Chris and Mahriyanna were invited to a friend’s birthday party who wanted to do funny, harmless pranks in a public venue.  Chris persuaded him to do some kind actions as well, and so about an hour of the three hour event was dedicated to kind actions like opening doors for people; giving high fives, putting positive post it notes in the bathrooms saying things like, “You are beautiful,” and giving away pin wheels to children.  With six young people spending an hour of kindness, that equals 6 hours of random acts of kindness.

They also left an extra generous tip and a kind note for the waitress when they ate out afterwards.

If it weren’t for the compassion games, I wonder if all those kind actions would have happened.  From now on, our community is going to be more focused than ever figuring out how to incorporate kind, compassionate actions in our every day lives.  Already, my kids are planning a day of kindness where they are going out with some friends in their youth group, Fun, Fellowship and Service.

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