More random acts of kindness to report for the Compassion Games

Today is the last day of the Fayetteville Compassion games.  This has been a fun ten days, but the time has flown by way too fast. I wish that I had stopped by the Fayetteville Library to pick up some info to share with all the people we have interacted with, but I foresee that there will be more games in the future.  This could catch on!

Thanks to Christy Pollack for posting these in a way that can be counted.  I definitely would not have time to enter them in the proper way.  Okay, I’m taking a deep breath and sharing the many acts of kindness that I and others in my community have experienced in the past few days.  If you have last minute acts of kindness to report, you can send them to her at

I spent $10 buying supplies like balloons, post it notes, fake mustaches, and balls to give away to a group of young people including my kids, Mahriyanna and Chris,  who are going to get together this evening at some places in Fayetteville to inspire creative acts of kindness as a way of celebrating a friends’ birthday.

While buying those things I asked the clerk if she had experienced any acts of kindness. She excitedly told me that a lawyer had given her free services for something that was very important to her.

The young man who carried my groceries and the boxes I had collected for an organizing job was most kind and was very interested in the Compassion Games.  He was very careful to help me pack my boxes so that they would fit.

While trying to make left turn in very bad traffic this afternoon, I noticed that some motorcyclists waited about five minutes so that people like me could make a left turn.

Mahriyanna and I got to the farmer’s market late and someone gave us squash, peppers and okra for free. Another vendor gave us a big basket of tomatoes and two big baskets of beans for only $10.

Someone asked me where Baum Stadium was, and I very patiently and kindly gave him directions.

Mahriyanna held the door open for someone at Dollar General, where both of the clerks were kind in many ways.

While in the Walgreen’s parking lot, a grandmother and her two grandkids were getting out of the car. The little boy was dressed in a super hero outfit.  I asked, “Are you getting ready for Halloween?”  and grandma said, “No, he just likes to be a super hero.”  The kids were super friendly. The grandma realized she knew me from the Mary Lightheart tree sit. She asked me about a pro-life sign in our car, and I told her about how my kids coordinate a group called Fun, Fellowship and Service where they support all kinds of positive things. She was so encouraging and positive.

Mahriyanna and I went to a 40 days for Life rally in front of the Planned Parenthood on Joyce avenue where we will be praying against abortion and for raising awareness about how abortion takes away innocent lives for 40 days.  Many people kindly honked their support.  A young man came from Conway and a grandmother, her husband, daughter and grand daughter came from Missouri to share their testimonies about how their lives were positively changed because the decision for abortion was not made.  Many, many kind actions happened with so many people volunteering to make this event possible.  I estimate at least 20 hours of volunteer hours were given to make this event happen today.

Mahriyanna complimented a young woman on a bag she had, which lead to a brief conversation about how the young woman got the bag while on a missions trip to Guatamala.

While at ONF, our local healthfood store, I noticed two customers talking. “Am I in your way,” one kindly asked.  “Oh, no you are fine.”  They were so polite and kind that I felt inspired to tell them, “I am going to report you to the Compassion Game authorities,” which resulted in a nice conversation about the Compassion Games.

A woman gave me a really big smile for no reason while I was in ONF. I then saw her in the parking lot. Another big smile.  I smiled back.

When I was riding on the trail, I determined to smile at every single rider or pedestrian no matter what my expectations.  About 79% smiled back!

I called the Fayetteville city to report that there are giant and dangerous pot holes which probably resulted from the rain washing out recent gas line work.  I hope that was kind:)

One of my clients told me that her neighbor helped fix a friends computer for free.

Robert Kersbergen is going to be donating at least seven hours of work to over see a crew to make the foundation for Cliff Mikkelson’s home.  Chris and other friends of the community will be helping out as well, resulting in a work party of about 23 hours of volunteer time.

I’m not sure if this counts, but when checking out of a store, I said, “I don’t need a bag.  Save the ocean. I hear that there are lots of plastic bags coming together in the ocean.  The bagger, older man, agreed with me and said, “I just saw a documentary about how an island is being formed by plastic bags and it is now gathering dirt and plants are growing on it.” I thought that this was very kind that he would support my statement and show concern for the earth.

When I was trying to start my car, it wouldn’t start right away.  “Please be kind, dear car,” I said. Then it started.  Do kind machines count?

I spent 35 minutes typing up this report. Does that count? Wow! Time flies when you are having fun and thinking of kind actions which have happened.

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