Let the kindness begin…Wellspring Community participates in the Compassion Games

“The Compassion Games are designed to make our communities safer, kinder, more just, and better places to live. No matter where you are you can perform a Random Act of Kindness, or become a Secret Agent of Compassion and receive a secret mission for each of the eleven days.”  http://www.compassiongames.org
Wellspring Community members agreed at our last meeting that we would participate in this. So I am keeping track of the kind acts so we can send it in the appropriate authorities.  This is one time when getting a report is a good thing!  I joke with people and say, “I’m going to report you to the compassion game folks for that kind thing that you just did”  We are reframing negative gossip to positive gossip. And, I know some might think that to brag about the kind things that you do is either unbiblical or not humble.  But I think that this is like giving testimonies. As a follower of Jesus, I like to brag on how much he is doing through me.  I hope you will join us. And if you want to keep your kind acts secret, just say someone else did it.
Okay, here is a list.  Each thing only took a minute or two as you can see. Many of them are very small things.  But multiply these kind acts by a hundred or a thousand or a million–and I think that we might just have a kindness epidemic.  Maybe a critical mass of kindness would happen and some of those not so kind people might catch the bug.
Chris goes out of his way to hold doors open for people about six time.
Chris notices that people have stopped for him when he was riding his bike. Legally, they did not have to stop.
Chris let people go in front of him twice while driving since the BBB traffic is pretty intense.
Cliff: While going to a concert with 4 young friends, I wanted to stop at a department store on the way. I decided to give them each a ten dollar allowance so they could buy something, too.  We were at the store for about 20 minutes and I donated about 35 dollars. This was a random act by one person.
Then two of the young people  turned around and bought thoughtful gifts for their parents.
Patricia’s kind acts:
Driving down MLK approaching school. I see a motorcyclist to my left.  I smile and call out, “Welcome to Fayetteville. ”  The guy says, “Where’s Dickson Street?”  I give him quick directions, and say, “Do you want to cut in front of me.”  He does and is able to make a right turn to get on track.
Driving East on Razorback Road approaching fifteen st.  I am not sure who goes next in the four way stop. I notice a  motorcyclist to my left.  I wave him past, and he wave at me as he went by.
I think each of these things could be counted as a kind act.
Io to a copy shop where I am copying bumper stickers saying, “I think when Jesus said to love your enemies he probably meant not to kill them.”  I am sending these to famous Christians who promote non-violence to see if I can get endorsements for my friend who wrote this phrase.
I see a person who has a very sour expression on her face.  The clerk is kind and patient in spite of what appears to be some needs for perfection on her part.
I tell the clerk that I thought he was kind and patient with that client.
I had to wait a very long time for that client just to ask a simple question.  When the clerk noticed me struggling, he asked me if he could help me.and he quickly did without needing to interrupt his work for the client.
While I was driving home from the above errand, I was in deep thought about the compassion games.  I looked in my rear view mirror and was shocked to see a familiar box about 50 feet away behind my car in front of a pick up. A man was getting out of the truck and putting stuff back in the box.  I waited about 5 minutes trying to turn left so the guy could follow me onto a side street, but before I could turn, the guy ran up to my car, put the box in, slammed my hatchback and ran back to his truck.
I saw someone at ONF the local healthfood store. I had posted something I was really happy about on my facebook, and she said, “I am so happy for you. That is great!”
I saw the same person also took great care to pack some fragile item in a customer’s bag.
I was working for some people out in their yard, and noticed that the couple I work for took over some food to their neighbor.  I later learned that his wife was recovering from surgery and they were helping her out.
I noticed the same neighbor giving his neighbors some vegetables.
When I was trying to turn right on Dickson Street today, there was a steady stream of pedestrians crossing the road.  I heard the  person in the left lane say he wanted to turn right. So I called out to him, “you can go first.”
Then some pedestrians stopped for that car.  Then some others stopped for me so I could go.
I met a young man where I was working for a client.  He said that my client had taken him in because he was about to be homeless.  That same client has taken in a another young man who needed some help.
My daughter noticed that a neighbor of ours who we usually enthusiastically say hello to first–was the first to enthusiastically say “Hello, how are you.” to us with a big smile.
At Aldi’s there were three kind things that happened:
When I went into the store, immediately the clerk said, “Can I help you?”  I said I needed a quarter so I can get a shopping cart. He immediate went into his drawer and got me the change.
When I was done with my cart, I noticed a lady who was almost done with her cart.  I went up to her holding out a quarter, and asked her if she wanted me to take her cart.  She was super grateful because she said she was out of breath.
Then I left a quarter in the shopping cart so that the next person could get a free cart.  I prayed that someone who really needed it might find it.
When I was driving down School in particularly bad traffic, I let two people turn left in front of me (without being in a dangerous place)
I saw another car do the same.
Mahriyanna, (17) kindly asked a cashier how their day was going.  (I think when teens reach out it really touches people even more than an adult)
Mahriyanna opened the door for someone at the farmer’s coop.
Patricia saw young people collecting food from various farmers at the farmer’s marker in order to give them to churches that make meals for poor people.
Three things happened–young people collecting, farmers giving. Organizations feeding.
Farmers at the Fayetteville Farmer’s market always give Patricia big smiles and give me good deals. I just give them my budgeted money and tell them to give me what they can.  We always have a win-win situation.
At the Professional Women’s networking meeting last Tuesday,  a young woman from Uraquay attended.  She and her fiancé really want to move here.  People were very kind to her with advice on getting a job.  She said, “I am always so amazed at how kind people are here in Fayetteville. I have been overwhelmed with kindness.”
THe owner of Nightbird Books has been very kindly hosting the professional women’s network for years including last Tuesday.
Jeanette Balleza very kindly always facilitates this professional women’s organization meeting every month from which many people benefit. She facilitated one last Tuesday.
For each Report (Activity)
1) A brief description of the action(s) performed.
2) How many people helped perform it and for how long (this will give me the total number of hours volunteered.)
3) Amount monies collected (or donated.)
4) Was it a random act by one and all, or a service group effort with a planned activity?
The location/community will be Fayetteville, as we are the sponsoring group.
You can either send it to ckp4all@gmail.com who will put it on the compassion map,  or go to www.compassiongames.org and learn about their mapping system where you can enter your information directly.
Thanks to Christy Pollack for being willing to enter this information so those of us with minimal time can spend more time on acts of kindness.
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