Immanuel Approach Story: Healing my teeth

I am going to start writing my experiences with Immanuel Approach so that I can inspire my community to try this wonderful method of prayer as well as encourage others.  You can find out more info at

The description of what I experienced is just an approximation. I don’t hear Jesus speaking audibly, but I sense what he is saying and doing.   If he ever says or does anything that does not fit in with the picture of Jesus as described in the Bible, I don’t accept it.  But for the most part, what he says and does is in alignment with what I know about him.

After going through the very simple steps to connect with Jesus, I decided to work on healing my teeth.  I felt lead to go back to my experience as a child going to the dentist where I was so afraid of getting a shot with a needle in my mouth that I asked the dentist to drill my teeth and fill them without pain killers.

I envisioned myself in the dentist chair with all that pain that was inflicted on me with the drill humming noisily.  “Where are you, Jesus,” I asked.  I heard him say, “I am here, right beside you.” 

“Why didn’t they tell me that the shot didn’t have to hurt that much–that I could just close my eyes. Why did they do what I asked them to do. They were the adults. I was the child.” 

I sensed Jesus saying something like, “They were ignorant.  They didn’t know any better.”

I saw Jesus then holding me in his arms. I think he was weeping with me and my pain. He didn’t intend for us to eat sugar and junk food that then lead to tooth decay which then lead to going to the dentists.  He reminded me that he gave people free will which they misused. He was very sad that I had to go through this pain.  But he could not stop it. But he said he planted seeds of love in my heart and brain so that later they could sprout.  I was not able to feel his comfort at that time because I had not been taught about his love.  My Sunday school teachings as well as experience of my parents were that God was a distant being. I was not taught to have an intimate relationship with him, or my parents.

I cried a lot, and felt Jesus just loving me and having compassionate. I remembered an incident where as an young adult a dentist told me something like, ‘Why have you been so stupid? You haven’t been to a dentist in years and now your teeth are in really bad shape.”  I remembered the hurt I felt–of being worthless and stupid even thought I was in so many ways talented, successful, and responsible. 

I then remembered a very kind dentist who did a lot of work on my teeth which I know he thought was good for me, and now I know was not-like nickel crown and root canals.  I really believe he was ignorant.

I felt Jesus presence.  He said, “Those thoughts you had were not true.  You are my child of unsurpassable worth.  Remember when I was on the cross and I said forgive them for they know not what they do? They were treating me so horribly.  But I did that. And I want you to do that with every dentist you have come in contact with who has hurt you or done things in ignorance.”

“I want to heal your teeth. I am going to heal your teeth,” I heard him say.

“I believe. I want that so much. I want to have a beautiful smile that won’t turn people off. Most of all I want a testimony.  If people see that my teeth are restored miraculously, I know that this is going to inspire them to know you.  I believe. But help my unbelief.” I said.

I envisioned a beautiful mouth full of teeth and me smiling with all my teeth intact. 

I sensed it was time to end.  I felt compelled to write down what happened, and now I realize I forgot to thank Jesus. So now I am going to do that.

Thank you, friend, for reading this. I hope you can connect intimately with Jesus all the time–that is my goal. 



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