Inching forward on the aquaponics project

Even though the aquaponics project seems to be going slower than we would like, I want to acknowledge even the smallest of progresses.  Gratitude is so important in our lives, and I think that when we are grateful for even the little things that God likes to bless us with further progress.  Yesterday Robert cut some heavy duty water proof plywood to fit the guerrilla rack that the aquarium is going to sit on. 

Our first aquaponics project will inside, and this aquarium will house the tilapia that we buy until they get big.  Their effluent will feed the plants that will grow on already existing shelves that get a good amount of sunlight.  Once the fish get to big for the aquarium, we will hopefully have our garage and larger tank ready.  We will definitely have some incentive and motivation as the fish outgrow their home.

I am so happy that as we work together on this project we grow closer as a family and a community. Last week, our work party moved us forward a lot because we cleared outside area so that we can start laying out the garage/greenhouse building. 

I am grateful to my community and to God for all progress, and for Robert’s passion for this project.  He envisions that we will be able to make a living selling food as well as teach others to do the same. Just growing food for our family will be a big money saver in itself. I could see Robert selling at the farmer’s market.  Maybe all of us will help out in that way. We shall see. Food growing is so important for health, independence, connection, and being ecologically sound with our environmental footprint. 


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