Going forward with the rocket stove

Rocket stoves have  come a long way since the idea was first conceptualized. Now you can make a rocket stove into a couch with an oven at the end. That is what we are planning to do in the Ella Dome House.  Of course our technical expert Robert is going to spearhead this project, but Mahriyanna and I are doing all we can to help pave the way. 

We are poised to clear about ten feet of wall space so that Robert can start laying out the rocket stove. A few months ago this would have been an impossibility.  But thanks to the organizing skills and determination and obsession by me to get rid of stuff and put stuff in storage that we are not currently using, we now have extra storage space in the dome to put this stuff that was on the wall.  My organizing skills have been stretched to the max to try to find a home for everything in a very small home, but it has been a satisfying endeavor that Robert and Mahriyanna have helped with. 

We have also received word that a gift is coming from someone who’s name will be kept confidential to help fund the rocket stove. That is a real plus!  Our electric bill will be minimal this winter, and our pollution will be almost zero due to the efficiency of the stove. Plus we have a bunch of fire wood that we cut on a tree job.

I pray that Robert will have lots of energy and time to complete this project soon. Won’t it be sweet to sit and sleep on a warm couch while bread is baking on one end?  And we will take out our futon couch which really takes up too much space so that our community can more easily dance, sit around the table without moving furniture, and sit in a circle.

Oh, and we can teach others to make rocket stoves as well.

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