Cliff’s house building moves forward. Hurray!

Today Robert helped Cliff to do the final work so that the foundation can be poured.  This Saturday there will be a work party with friends who live in our rural neighborhood at Living Springs. I just want to celebrate because this is a milestone in progress. It seems like Cliff and Robert, sometimes with the help of Chris and other friends, have inched along taking years to get to this point.  But once the foundation is poured, the cinder block can be layed by someone who Cliff will pay with Trade Dollars.

As Cliff and Robert have worked together, they have grown closer than ever.  We are so blessed that Robert has so many construction skills and the tools that are needed to made a good strong level foundation.

This reminds me that we are building a strong foundation for our community as we meet together, share, worship, pray, talk about those things that are important to intentional communities. 

Thank you Father, for progress, even though it hasn’t been as fast I would like. I want to focus on the progress, not the slowness!


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