A man saves a box that falls from my car…an act of compassion

I will be writing acts of kindness that members of our community do or observe because we are part of the Compassion Games in Fayetteville Sept 11-21.  We keep track of these things and get points for our city. Other cities are participating.  Here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Compassion-Games-Fayetteville-September-11-21-2013/421292617989442 Here is one act of kindness I just have to expand upon.

Today I was driving on College Ave. going south towards Millsap Rd., thinking about the Compassion Games and how wonderful it was to be really aware of being kind.  I looked in my rear view mirror and was shocked to see a familiar box about 50 feet away in front of a pick up. A man was getting out of the truck and putting stuff back in the box.  I waited about 5 minutes trying to turn so the guy could follow me onto a side street, but before I could turn, the guy ran up to my car, put the box in, slammed my hatchback and ran back to his truck.

Now that was kind!

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