A great community meeting on Friday Sept. 13, 2014

Jokes. Worship songs. Testimonies. Talking about getting involved with Compassion games. Lively conversation. Laughter. Prayer.  All of this and more was part of our community meeting.  But not in that order.  We ended with jokes because we decided that having fun things to do during our meetings was important. 

I loved our meeting. Our love how we flow. I brought up a few topics for discussion–projects I wanted us to undertake. I was met with a consensus by everyone that the projects weren’t the best for us.  Their counsel was wise, compassionate, and concise.  Just how I like it!  But everyone loved my idea of us being involved with the Compassion Games that are happening in Fayetteville from Sept. 11-21 Here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Compassion-Games-Fayetteville-September-11-21-2013/421292617989442 

We decided that Cliff and I would start writing bios about each one of us to put on this blog.  Cliff is such a good writer. I can’t wait to see what he writes about me:)

The way things flowed was so nice. We had talked about the activities we wanted to do during our time together, but not about how long or in what order.  People just piped up (especially Chris and I) about what we wanted to do next–and consensus was easily achieved.

I really feel as if we are moving forward as a community with deepening commitments to each other and the community.  Even though we have been together for many years, there is a maturity that we all have that helps us to be more harmonious and cooperative.  I love it!

We decided to postpone our discussion of how we can adapt the Reknew Manifesto http://reknew.org/2012/07/a-reknew-manifesto/ to fit us. We don’t agree with everything, but it is the closest statement that reflects our beliefs that we have found.  Hopefully this coming week we will get a chance to read it and finalize our thoughts.

Keep it up, Wellspring Community. I know we have much work to do before we can invite others to join us–but I think there is more possibility than every before that an expanded community will be a reality.


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