Introduction to the Immanuel Approach for sharing with our community

As you can see by now, I am the person who likes to introduce ideas to the community.  I am glad that they do not kick me out because I can be a bit over the top with ideas.  Well, I am kind of joking about that. I know they are not going to boot me out otherwise we would not have been together for 22 years.  Actually, I am a lot more focused than I used to be.  I am hoping to find a combination of practices that we can all agree upon and start using together to bring us closer.  Therefore, I am going to dedicate a day to refresh my knowledge about the Immanuel Approach which I am convinced is an effective way to experience God’s healing presence because of both my experience and the experience of others.  I also was blessed to meet the person who spearheads the development of the Immanuel Approach when I visited Reba Place community.  I had lunch with Karl Lehman, his wife Charlotte, and a teacher Jesse who lives in the area. I really enjoyed and felt inspired by our connection.

So here is the intro to how to practice the Immanuel Approach for beginners:

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