“We are community!” History of Jesus Vegans project

I am so glad that I started writing about community years ago, and now you and I can look at the history of how we came to be Jesus Vegans Project. I feel amazed and grateful to see how God was working back then.  Amazing Grace!


The best thing about going out and visiting other communities was to learn that Cliff, Robert, Mahriyanna, Chris and I can start structuring ourselves like other communities are structured.  In fact, all of the communities I visited have gone through many re-structuring times.  They say that this process was how they were able to survive and thrive.

I feel so grateful because I can take everything I learned and apply it to our community. For example, two of the communities have women directors.  I decided I am going to apply for this job–director of Wellspring Community.  This does not mean that I am the boss. It merely means that since I have a gift of administration, this is a good role for me.  By having this role, I a more clear about where I need to focus my energy.

I will be talking to my community about this idea.  I am looking forward to the conversation.

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