Waking up with Jesus

my first morning home I woke up feeling so close to Jesus. But going to bed feeling close to Jesus was helpful too. I have found that when I do a process called Immanuel Approach as a way of praying, I just naturally feel his presence. It is easy to  pray for a long time because I am experiencing a love–both for Jesus and for people.  The key is that before I start praying, I recall a time when I felt the presence of Jesus strongly.  I meditate on that experience and bring it to the forefront of my consciousness. Then, my prayer is permeated with the reality of Jesus.

Last night and this morning I did this process.  The memory I recalled was meeting a young man in the Memphis bus terminal.  This lead to other memories of people I met just in the last few days, and I found myself praying for them.  I am going to have a very long prayer list and I am committed to look at that list daily.  The people I have met on my travels have changed me in profound way. I could write a post about each of them.

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