Who I am directing this blog to

I am meeting a growing number of people who seem enthusiastic about learning about what I am learning currently, and things I have learned in the past.  I want to keep track of these people and what their focus is so that I can remember to write posts that will help them out.  So here is the list:

1.  A person of influence in one the communities I visited who wants to learn more about non-violent communication which I am convinced continues to be unique in its approach to communicate in ways that result in connection and cooperation.

2.  People like Stanley from Atlanta who want to learn some basic skills that will help build cooperation and contribute to healing.

3.  Many folks I meet who are drawn to the Immanuel Approach

4.  Friends who are interested in visiting communities themselves

5.  A friend has the opportunity to start an intentional community and wants to have some clear guidance as to how to get started.

6.  I want people at our fellowship to learn about how important it is to heal past hurts in our church and to be inspired to take some steps to move forward with this idea.

7.  My kids will want to learn what communities would be good for young people to visit.

8.  People who I write about–I need to remember to send them the link to the post to get their feedback and to encourage them.

9.  Community members might enjoy hearing a synopsis of the positive aspects of their communities in order to be encouraged.

10.   I want to look at the communities over all and discern some patterns of success that would help any community thrive.

11.  People who are not followers of Jesus would be interested in resources such as The Carter Center and my experience with former President Jimmie Carter.

Will you pray with me that I will be able to write all these blog posts (and more as I feel led) and that they will be useful for the building up of the body of Christ and the building up of the intentional Christian communities movement.


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