Almost missing my bus in Columbus, Georgia

I could have missed my bus at the place where I was dropped off after leaving the wonderful Koinonia Partners community.  This was the first time I had taken the option of printing out my ticket on a printer before I came to the bus station.  I knew I needed to have a photo ID, and I assume my driver’s license was in my wallet.

Five minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave, I thought it might be good to look for my license. I looked in my wallet and could not find it.  I realized that this important object was probably missing along with my checks and a travel pouch I normally would wear around my waist under my clothes when I was traveling on the bus.  I know, I was probably overly cautious, but I kept my debit card, checks, and driver’s license in that pouch just in case someone decided to make off with my fanny pack.

I had decided that perhaps I didn’t need the pouch when I traveled from Philadelphia to Koinonia Partners.  Again being a bit overly protective, I think I hid the pouch somewhere in my room at the Hospitality House at the Simple Way.  So when I packed up, I overlooked this valuable item.

Fortunately, I had my credit card in my wallet. But checks and driver’s license I just found out today were nicely secured in Phily. So when I discovered I had no photo ID, I immediately called Mahriyanna with my heart beating a bit faster and told her I needed prayers to get on the bus without getting my ID checked.

I’m not sure why the bus driver did not ask for my ID. Was it because I had formerly been on his bus?  Did God whisper in his ear?  I remembered his unique name–Sully. What an unusual occurrence–to get back on the bus and have the same driver.  I have no idea. I just know I got to Atlanta without a hitch. If I had missed my bus in Columbus, I would have had to wait 24 hours for the next bus, and then have had to endured almost 48 more hours of travel.

When I got to Atlanta, I was tempted to take a chance and see if I might be able to proceed without ID.  But thinking of the consequences of having to stay 39 hours in Atlanta rather than 15 was more than enough incentive to get in line and face reality.  $20 was the simple reality.  I was able to change my ticket to the standard format which does not need an ID.  I was very disappointed to have to pay $20 extra.  But maybe that is what it takes to keep Greyhound going!  Kind of like the exorbitant fees for over drafts that banks charge.

The bus driver who took my ticket in Atlanta definitely was a stickler for details. I noticed him asking for ID when a person just ahead of me presented the at home printed ticket.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I presented my standard tickets. It was more than worth $20!

Later on the bus trip, this same bus driver mentioned that we were subject to being searched at any time, and we were required to carry a photo ID at all times. Yikes!  Reminds me of movies where the Nazi’s would say, “Show me your papers!” 

Well, I made it to Memphis where I am waiting for fifteen hours for the bus to Fort Smith.  Thank you Father for getting me here safely, and I pray there will be no demands for a photo ID on my final leg of my journey.   And thanks again for getting me on the Columbus bus without a hitch. Thanks for Sully, too. Amen.

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