I woke up this morning with my mind and heart..on people: Koinonia Partners experience

I have felt so welcomed here in the short amount of time since I arrived, and I woke up this morning just loving on everyone I met–even those who seemed a bit distant (which were only a few).

I remembered my good friend Jeannie telling me about the book, “Practicing the Presence of People”.  Unfortunately, I forgot about it.  Why is this? That is another topic.

Anyway, I looked up the book, read a bit, and found these quotes. Reading this plus the intro to the book has enriched my experience here already tremendously.


Here is a quote from the book:

“By  treating people the same way I treat God, I began to relax with them and  enjoy them.  Not only that, but the  more I make my peace with people, the deeper grows by peace with God.  The more I pay attention to people and  connect with them, the richer grows my prayer life.  The more I give myself to others, the more  happy and fulfilled I feel.” (4)    

One way that this book has helped me is to know how important it is for me to love myself.  After all, if God loves everyone especially, that includes me. So I look at myself through God’s eyes.  And, Jesus does say, “love your neighbor as yourself.”  Sounds like I need to love myself.  This helps me to get out of my critical mind which often thinks, “That person does not like me.”  I then start treating the person in a way that inspires them to distance from me.

This is a topic for another discussion.  I want to buy this book!



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