Talents I can offer to community

I am visiting The Simple Way in Philadelphia (now it is more like a village than a community house–but TSW is a non-profit as well).  I wanted to list my talents I can offer I am hoping that   that the large network of folks in Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey who might want me to help them out (for free) so that I can get to know them better might want to utilize my gifts.

Professional Organizer–fourteen years experience.  website: http://www.simplifiedliving.info

Gardener: I’m good at weeding, digging, planting, harvesting–whatever you need. 39 years experience.

Children’s entertainer:  I used to do children’s parties and assemblies leading sing alongs with songs with a good message, playing simple games, and telling stories.

Administrative assistant:  I am a good editor, writer, just support in the office in many ways.  Not a huge amount of experience with computers-but I get around on wordpress pretty good as well as gmail and facebook.

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