Another Immanuel Approach story: at Reba Place Fellowship

I am back at Reba Place Fellowship for an overnight stay.  I had time to have an Immanuel Approach session with a new friend I have made here.  What I discovered is that I want to make a commitment to do daily quiet time in the morning for studying scripture and prayer and journaling. That is big for me!

I am choosing not to take a lot of time now to describe it, but I just want to say our time was very inspiring and I feel more motivated than ever to practice this way of connecting with Jesus.  You can watch a full course here, taught by Jessica Handy and friends.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Jessie (who helped teach the above class) and the person who is most responsible for developing Immanuel Prayer– Karl Lehman, and his wife, Charlotte when I first arrived at Reba Place Fellowship.  I also met Andy and his wife.  Andy helps Karl with various things including the fantastic website which has a multitude of resources. He also has used Immanuel Approach in profound ways to help people in Rwanda heal their wounds.   I feel a deep sense of connection with all these people who are using the Immanuel Approach.”

You can find out more about Immanual Approach  here:

Also, this is a very inspiring site where they use the Immanuel Approach with women and children who have been victims of human trafficking.  They call it “Encountering God,” but I have it from a reliable source that it is the same as the Immanual Approach.  More information here:

I am really hoping that my family and friends at our Christian fellowship will want to learn this simple yet powerful way of listening to and connecting with Jesus.

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