A letter back home to our loosely knit community in Arkansas

Hi Friends,
My journey to visit intentional Christian communities continues to hold miracle after miracle.  The timing of so many things that are happening continues to show me God’s hand at work.  For example, the farm manager suggested that some of the folks clean up a road side stand  that is also called a market barn. He didn’t know I was a professional organizer.  I was so happy to use my skills to put my mark on many containers so that they could continue to be organized. I heard he was pretty happy too.  Plus I got fresh cantaloupe, corn, and tomatoes straight from the farm.
I have written extensively on my blog if you want to hear more:  www.wellspringcommunity.us
One of the best things that is happening is a new appreciation for what we all have as a loose knit community.  I hope to contribute to strengthening our ability to cooperate and be all that God wants us to be together as the body of Christ when I get back.  Also, I have been encouraged by David Jantzen, author of the book that inspired me to go on this trip, to bring a group to visit Reba Place Fellowship and other communities. Now that I have the connections, that is going to be so much easier.
I continue to be very inspired by something called the Immanuel Approach. Here is a brief definition:

• Immanuel means “God with us,” and this promise is the foundation for all that follows.

• Thousands of professionals and lay people around the world are applying the Immanuel approach to deepen intimacy with God, permanently resolve past pain, and discern God’s ongoing guidance.

If you want to learn more, here is the website:  www.immanuelapproach.com  Plus, there is a free video course which is excellent.  You can find it here: http://vimeo.com/album/2297934

I was very blessed to meet with Karl Lehman (the main developer of this approach), his wife Charlotte, and Jessie Handy–main teacher on the series I shared above.  Plus, I have met people who have been using this Immanual Approach and have had profound healing in their lives through connecting with Jesus.  The beauty of the method is that is very simple–but it is nice to study about it and learn the big picture.

I feel so grateful that Robert’s back is much better and he has been getting some good work.  My main expenses are transportation–so far 99% of my food has been given to me.

I am looking forward to writing more on my blog. I hope you will feel free to make some comments. www.wellspringcommunity.us  And thanks to all of you who have offered me encouragement along the way. 

My prayers are with Pam, her mother as well as Jake and his family.  I am grateful to Nancy for all that she does to keep us informed and updated. What a gift.

I would appreciate prayers for a safe journey to Philadelphia. It is about 27 hours on Greyhound which is a bit exhausting.  My main concern is that I keep all my possession safe. My computer and phone plus their connections are so important to me so that I can make a slide show and documentary. I also want to down load all my pictures and I am technically not that savvy–so prayers with technical stuff are appreciated too. I am feeling healthy, energetic, inspired, and joyful for the most part. And when I’m not–God is helping me to get back to joy.




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