Next steps for implementing what I am learning

Waking up with new insights about important matters feels as if Holy Spirit is downloading information into my brain. Or maybe what it is doing is taking all that has been downloaded and making sense of it. I am grateful and energized because I have some ideas I want to take back to both my community and our fellowship of Jesus followers. Here they are:

1. Focus on getting those who are interested in watching the Immanuel Approach videos where Jessie Handy and her friends are teaching, Start practicing Immanuel Approach with who ever is interested. In fact, write an email and see if people will start watching the videos now!

2.  Purchase the Resolving Conflict in Every day life and offer it as a small group study for the fellowship.

3. Do everything I can to help folks prevent conflicts and heal past hurts by purchasing and studying the book Crucial Accountability.  Study the website and learn more about these skills:

“How do you influence behavior in a corporation or community? What about changing your own behavior? How do organizations rife with undiscussables ever get anything done? VitalSmarts library of four New York Times bestselling books teach the high-leverage skills and researched best practices that separate the best from the rest.”

3.  Buy the book Healing the Heart of Your Church and study the website  :

“At Blessing Point we understand how to knit together the fellowship of believers. See how we can join in mending your church tapestry.” from

4. Start using the “Book of Common Prayer: Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals” with the community and encourage others to do the same so that we are on the same page with each other and with many in the body of Christ  all over the world.
5.  Encourage the elders to start thinking about how we can empower the younger generation to start assisting in and taking over more leadership roles.
6. Develop a communication system which includes everyone.
7.  Start figuring out to define where people are at in terms of commitment and membership in our Jesus follower fellowship.  Present a definition so that all can feel included as much as they want to be included.  (This may sound hazy, but it will remind me of what I need to do–perhaps others will understand what I am saying)
8.  Make a directory of everyone who is in our sphere of influence so that people can more easily communicate.
9.  Develop more shared practices in our Wellspring Community including worship, prayer and working on forgiveness.
10.  Develop a slide show presentation that can inspire people about what I have learned, and what we can appreciate about our own fellowship and network of Jesus followers.
11.  Do a survey of fellowship of Jesus followers with all that I have now learned so that we can see where we are at. Use some of the assessments that I have learned about already as part of the survey including:
Okay, I know that that is a lot of assessments-I’ll start by taking them myself.  They really are check lists for learning all this good stuff.
12.  Be the change I want to see happen.  All of the things I have talked about above, I will learn as thoroughly as I can and be in a position to inspire others to utilize these tools, practices, and transformational outlooks.
Well, that is all for now.  I thank God for helping me wake up refreshed on my last day of being at Plow Creek Fellowship.  Now, on to packing!

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