I’m on fire to get aquaponics started

Robert, my former husband and present Wellspring Community member (and good friend as well) has a dream of growing food using aquaponics.  He has been immersing himself in learning about how to raise fish in tanks and then grow food hydroponically using the effluent from the fish.  Progress has been made, but I know that my trip has slowed the progress down.

But when I get back, I am going to be fiercely determined to gather our community together to support Robert in this endeavor.  Of course I am not going to make any demands.  But with my organizing skills, I do have the ability to encourage people with some structure, goal setting, and of course we will be praying.

Yesterday I was introduced to all kinds of aspects of Plow Creek Farm, and tasted the fruits of their labors in numerous ways.  Cantaloupe, sweet corn, tomatoes, purslane (that’s a weed–but a very nutritious one) and blueberries fresh from the farm fields have been so nurturing to me.  Working on the land that produces the food has been fulfilling as well.

I have supported Robert to a certain extent.  But preparing for this journey took me away from helping with the aquaponics project.  Even by writing this and sending him a link, I hope and pray that the goal of having a thriving aquaponics project will manifest by this winter.

I was very fortunate to have timed my visit and the very day I was working when Matthew, manager of the farm, decided he wanted the market barn organized He didn’t even know I was a professional organizer when he made the decision. So I learned a ton of stuff about farmer’s markets and their roadside stand business just by getting the place in order.  Plus Matthew kept coming by with produce to share which was a perk well worth having.

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