Living happily at Plow Creek Fellowship

When I first came here, I thought I was going to take the morning to work and afternoon to write and study.  I did that the last two days. But discovered I was yearning to work and be more involved in community life.  So today I worked from 6am to 11 helping weed the huge melon patch and giant strawberry field. Then I started helping Montana, the summer farm manager assistant, organize the market barn where the road side stand is located.

I found that I really wanted to complete this organizing job so I will meet with Matthew, farm manager, at 3:30 to finish. Then dinner with Rich Foss, one of the two elders (the other one is his wife) of Plow Creek.  He has a lot to share which I am already learning at

Now off to eat a lunch of blueberries which I picked myself (part of the perks of working in the fields) and free bread from the bakery (another perk of being in the right place at the right time.)

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