My very kind friends who are hosting me at Plow Creek Community

My very kind friends who are hosting me at Plow Creek Community

Once again I feel a sense of wonder about how I, a stranger, could be so quickly welcomed into community.  I contacted Louise Stahnke only about three weeks ago when I needed a place to be for the second week of my journey. Third Way Church had not worked out, and in some ways I “settled” for Plow Creek as a second option. Yet now that I am here, I am so content. 

What is really awesome is that when I read Louise and her husband’s biography on the web site, I discovered that Louise had used the Immanuel Approach for healing ritual abuse.  This effective way of healing past trauma has become something I really want to practice and share with others. So when I discovered we had this in common, I felt delighted and even more connected.

Louise shared about a place she had gone for workshops called Our Father’s Farm. which I am going to write about in another blog.

I love the way that God is leading me where I need to go as I trust him. I also am very grateful to be out in the country but still have internet–although I don’t have phone service.  This is a wonderful time for me to write, reflect, and study as well as work and connect with the great folks here.

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