God is providing

I am on a limited budget. But my transportation costs are my biggest expenses.  I will end up spending about $400 on mainly Greyhound bus tickets.  I spent a grand total of $5 for food while at Reba Place Fellowship.   About $14 was spent on transit costs during the week. $20 got me a train ticket to Plow Creek. Now that is a wonder!

Here at Plow Creek, dinners are all taken care of by various members who are willing to host me, plus a potluck or two.  I brought some smoothie concoction which I can mix with the good water here, and I hoped to glean some blueberries when I pick some (which will be tomorrow.)  I was prepared to eat very lightly during the day, but now I have a lunch invite tomorrow, plus Louise gave me a loaf of bread.

The bread was free because once it hits a certain age (they have a bakery) it has to be given away–and I just happened to be present when a free loaf was available. 

I feel so taken care of on this trip thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the community members I am visiting.  One day I might write about all the different meals I have had. They are a story in themselves.

I wonder what adventures I will have in the super big city of Philadelphia. I have just been informed by my contact that New York and Washington DC are not that far away and that there are communities including Catholic Worker and Bruderhof in the area.  I might find some interesting free meals there as well. I won’t have any meals taken care of in Phily where I will be visiting The Simple Way.  But God will provide, I know–especially where there is a spirit of community.

Oh, and the best and loveliest thing is that people have all been graciously willing to accommodate my vegetarian needs.

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