This is wierd and inspiring–I just met someone who is in Plow Creek via email

This is the amazing and wonderful thing about networking and the internet.  I had wanted to visit the Thirdway Community  but the timing was not good. But I was told by my contact there that Natalie is one of the founding members of Thirdway and she is visiting Plow Creek for the summer.  I just found her email address that Jen from Thirdway so graciously provided me, and I decided to write  her.  One half hour later, I receive an answer and invite to lunch.  Don’t you think that is awesome?  But still, kind of weird, too:)

So here I am at a community, emailing someone because she was recommended as a good person to talk to about Thirdway. So even though I don’t get to visit the physical site, getting to know Natalie will be a great way to get to know those folks.  It seems that Plow Creek serves as a wonderful way for other communitarians with similar values to get away from the city and still have community experience.  This community network is much bigger than I thought.  I am so happy to be plugging into this most inspiring group of communities and people. I can’t wait to write more about Plow Creek!

My social calendar is filling up  and I am glad of that for I want to have the richest possible experience here, although one part of me feels like being lazy after all my activity in Chicago town.   At Reba Place Fellowship, I stayed with the director of the community and her husband.  Sally arranged almost my whole schedule for me which was wonderful.  Here, I am more on my own. So I am looking at their website and getting to know people, many of whom I definitely want to talk to.  I think I will try to contact some more people now.  People actually have time for you when they live in community, it seems!

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