My schedule at Reba Place Fellowship this coming week

I feel so grateful to all who have greeted me so kindly.  See the schedule and letter from Sally Youngquist, leader of Reba Place Fellowship, to see with such care I am being received. In the past 16 hours since I arrived this is what happened:

Because of miscommunication, I ended up calling Lisa from RPF who received me immediately and served me lunch.  I was pretty tired after my bus ride and making it through the mass transit system in Chicago, so this warm welcome was like a breath of fresh air.

5pm, Lisa and I help set up chairs for membership meeting.

6pm Met Sally for a lovely, light dinner.  I felt as if I had always known her.

7pm Monthly membership meeting.  I will be writing extensively about this event. I loved it!

9:30PM  Go back to Sally and Orwin’s home. A friendly visit over ice cream gave me a chance to meet Sally’s husband who has been in RPC about 40 years.

10:30  Retire


6:30  Meet with Sally and Orwin for morning prayer. They use the book of Common Prayer. Very nurturing.

7:30 Breakfast and planning the day.  Learning all about RBC from Sally who is so willing to share freely.  She showed me their structure and mission, and I will be studying their handbook and copying whatever I like.

10:30: I will be leaving for the day’s adventures which I am so much looking forward to.  There is another part of the community in Evanston. Right now, I am in a very interesting part of Chicago on the third floor where I can see the trees from my very nice bedroom.

It seems like God is surely with me on this trip.  I see his hand everywhere.  I feel so peaceful. Thanks again to all who have helped me on this journey.

Oh, and I am staying in close contact with Mahriyanna which is wonderful. I can’t wait to write about how she helped me pack and in so many ways get ready to leave.

Dear RPF Hosts for Patricia Mikkelson’s visit,

Below is the schedule I have been working out thus far for RPF visitor Patricia Mikkelson.
She is a vegetarian, if you are planning a meal to include her.  Patricia is hoping to learn all she can from us as she seeks to start an intentional Christian community on some rural land owned by her extended family outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She is open to helping us with any work projects around RPF, if you have suggestions.
Her cell phone number is listed below and attached if you want to get in touch with her.
Please call or write back with any questions.
thanks so much!

Schedule for Patricia Mikkelson at RPF – July 9-15

Breakfasts and staying at Youngquists,

Tuesday, July 9

arrive mid-afternoon – late lunch & tour of Rogers Park RPF by Nina Frantz,

6 p.m. Dinner at Youngquists

7 p.m. RPF Monthly Members meeting at Living Water Meetinghouse

Wed., July 10

Breakfast, conversation, and tour of RPF Evanston with Sally Youngquist

12:30 lunch at the Lucky Platter,  514 Main St. with Karl and Charlotte Lehman, Jessie Handy

2:30  conversation with David Hovde about Emmanuel Prayer at the Clearing, (A house where 12 people live).

6:00  Dinner at Youngquists

7:00  Yoga class with Youngquists at Loyola Park Field House

Thursday, July 11

8:30   morning work project with Nina Frantz

12:00  lunch at the Clearing,

afternoon at Ekklesia Project Conference, DePaul University

6:00  dinner at Frantzes

Friday, July 12

10:00 Manna Garage food distribution in alley behind 726 Monroe

10:30  conversation with Kate Marshak,

12:00 lunch at Virgil and Joan Vogt,

afternoon at Ekklesia Project Conference, DePaul University

6:00 dinner with Fellowship of Rogers Park at Doug and Lisa Selph,

7:30 Leave for retreat in Wisconsin to spend night on a beautiful lake side retreat owned by Reba Place Fellowship

Saturday, July 13

9 a.m.-4 p.m.  RPF Prayer retreat at Emmanuel Lodge, Trevor, WI

Sunday, July 14

9:30-11:30 a.m.  Living Water Community Church worship, 6808 N. Ashland

Monday, July 15

10:30 conversation with David Janzen, author of the book, Handbook for Intentional Christian Communities

Tuesday, July 16

Depart for train in early morning to go to  Princeton, IL and visit Plow Creek Fellowship

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