My excuses for so many things to do at the last minute

I would have preferred to have had a well thought out plan for my journey with a check list, goals, and all that when I first conceived of the project.  But after I decided to take the trip on May 24 after receiving a positive response from the first community I contacted,  my life started to speed up. 

I was flooded with urgent requests for organizing, cleaning, and landscaping work.  It seemed like everyone had a deadline to meet and my help was crucial.  Robert, another community member, also got more work because the people I worked for needed a handyman.  In addition, we committed to doing a yard sale in cooperation with a client so that we could raise extra money for my trip. 

My main focus became contacting the communities I wanted to visit.  In order to make an itinerary, I wanted to make sure at least one of the communities was able to host me.  I had impulsively started with Reba Place Fellowship.  After getting a positive response, I still did not know for sure when I could stay there.  I chose to write long answers to questions I was asked so that others who I contacted could get to know me better. I loved the dialogue I had with folks at Reba Place–and I chose to take many hours to write.

I think this effort paid off because after I wrote so much on my blog, the other communities fell into place really easily once I contacted them.  But still, it took time to write an introductory email to each place. I wrote a special post to describe why I was visiting that place (except for Koinonia Partners)  in order to connect better with the folks. I also contacted a number of communities which either did not respond, or they were not in a position to host me at that time.

Oh, yes–and of course there were things like getting my daughter ready for being a camp counselor and having a meeting with my family to decide if we wanted to truly be community.  And making healthy, raw food; staying connected with my community, and all the other wonderful things that make up my life.

So those are my excuses for why I am waiting for the last minute to completely plan everything for my trip.  Oh, and I did take time on Monday to work with Robert to order books I wanted to take with me plus some technology that will help me accomplish all my goals.  Having an SD card in my phone with lots of room will enable my phone to become a video camera. Having a tripod for my phone will enhance my abilities as well.

Even now I am procrastinating planning as I write this blog.  I really love to plan–but I hate it as well. This is a difficult place to be in when you are a person, like myself, who likes to do very big projects.  I have the ability to plan, but I procrastinate because it is, well, boring for me.

I now will go back to my notebook which has seven categories of things which I am planning: 

Bring: So far I have 8 categories of things to bring including food, first aid, health, outreach, technology, clothes,  resources and miscellaneous.  I am traveling as lightly as I can so planning is of essence.

Home front (things my family needs to do while I’m gone to cover my work)

Technology to learn  (yes, I am still learning new skills at the last minute–things I have always wanted to learn)

Grass catcher-that is for miscellaneous things

Prepare:  I have a list a mile long still to do like make brochures and business cards. Thank God for my daughter who can help me with these things as well as Office Depot who will print things within hours.

Trip Details:  I need to have all my contact details, itinerary,  budget and more written out. 

Schedule:  I have a lot of things I need to work out between now and Monday when I leave, plus have a clear idea of when I need to buy bus tickets in advance to get discounts;  what time I leave places and arrive; when I need to contact people in order to get a ride from the bus station. Whew.  I am getting dizzy. But I can do this!

Okay, back to planning. I have 1/2 hour to finish planning. Prayers are requested.

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