My clients are so kind as they encourage me on my journey

I feel so grateful to my clients. Almost all of them have donated from $10 to $100 to help me on my trip. I describe their back ground to show how non-Christians are not as bad as some Christians make them out to be. In fact, some non-Christians act more like Christians than some Christians act.   One is a Buddhist.  Another is a secular humanist.  Another is a seeker.  They all respect me and value the fact that I am setting out on an adventure.  One man said, “I’m not sure what your are doing or why you are doing it, but I think you are really brave to leave your family and go on a bus all by yourself.” I felt his love and caring.

You know, it is kind of funny that people would think I am brave.  I don’t think I am brave at all. I feel very secure on Greyhound buses and trains–more secure than driving in a car alone.  When I traveled alone when I was 19 from Europe overland to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka, the comment “you are brave” was one of the most common ones I heard. But I never felt afraid.  So I didn’t feel brave.

I wonder why God made me this way.  I just have very little fear about traveling and meeting new people and staying in strange places.. I have fears about other things–like not having enough money to pay my bills. Yet I have been so blessed with more work than I have ever had, donations that were unsolicited, and other kinds of provision that have really giving me confidence that I will be taken care of.

I feel so blessed to have clients who are my friends and who are excited for me.  They could be complaining that they would have to do without my cleaning, organizing, administrative assistance work, and gardening.  Rather, they are so looking out for my well being. 

I even had a woman (another non-Christian) who I asked to sew for me a money belt that I could wear under my clothes–something that I did while I traveled at age 19.  She went looking for something similar to what I had described so she could do something really nice.  She ended up having to leave on an emergency, and so she adapted the money belt by sewing cotton canvass on the back of it because I don’t like the feel of nylon next to my skin.  A small task, but very big to me.

Well, only five days to go.

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