Planning this journey reminds me of Christmas

I remember when as a child I would have so much anticipation about the presents under the tree. I would look forward to Christmas morning when we all would unwrap the presents.  Since I have been contacting communities that I want to visit, I feel that sense of anticipation and excitement whenever I go to my inbox. 

When I send out an inquiry to a community, sometimes it takes a little while to get back to me. For example, Koinonia Partners warned me that it might take them a week.  That was so nice of them to give me some sense of when to expect a response.  And it was almost exactly a week.

But for the most part, I have received responses within a day or even hours.  This is very encouraging. That means that these communities are interested in growth and sharing and connection.  This is very important to me.

Even though Third Way said that they didn’t think it was best for me to come at this time, Jen wrote a long email explain why, and then welcoming to come in the fall.  That was almost as good as visiting. I now have a connection.  And I am think about the fall…maybe I will take some more folks along. People have expressed interest.

I think that before I planned this trip my life was getting a little too regular.  Not many surprises.  Now I have gifts and surprises all over the place–like people being excited who I don’t expect to be excited about my trip. People giving me money without me asking at all.  Arranging a lunch appointment with people who want to have a conversation about the Immanuel Approach in community.  Really, every day holds some delight.

Yes, it has been difficult working so much and then needing time to nurture the connections I am making..but it has all been worth it.


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