A documentary and a book about my trip is in the works

I had a good friend tell me that I needed to write a book about this experience.  Then I saw a trailer about tiny houses that inspired me to make a documentary.  Documentaries are in great need. Seeing that something good is happening in the world is essential.  Followers of Jesus seeing other followers of Jesus living out their faith in a meaningful, effective way is important. So many are discouraged because all they see is infighting, gossip, conflict, pettiness and more.

Don’t worry–if I happen to visit a community that isn’t all that I expected–I won’t expose it!  But I am 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure that the communities I have selected are ones that are exemplary.

I have never made a documentary before, but I do have an android phone that can take videos.  I love to interview people. I enjoy thinking about what might interest people.  I need to get some disclaimer forms.  I want to find someone to edit the footage.  But I just feel strongly that this is going to happen.

Writing a book starting with an ebook should be easy enough.  I am not looking for perfection–just interesting stories mixed with resources that will help inspire people to create or join community.  I will study the book, Intentional Christian Communities and see what I can do to add to what that book shared.  All books on intentional Christian communities are important.

If you have any ideas on how to make documentaries, let me know. I am sure I will be doing research on that topic.  If you know someone who might like to edit–let me know that also.


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