Technology is awesome! I can do all the documenting I want to do with my android phone

I was concerned about how I was going to come up with money for my travel expenses as well as technology with which I could take videos, record podcasts, and take pictures. I knew my little android phone had the capacity, but I wasn’t sure if it would be able to do all I wanted. I also hoped that my laptop would come in handy for these things as well.

Finally I had an open moment to ask community member Robert to figure out these things.  Thank God he is a wizard at this sort of thing, and he gets excited about playing with and researching how to maximize potential of inanimate objects like phones and computers.

So he found some things which I don’t understand for about $30 which will make it so I can be a journalist, videographer, documentarian (is that a word?), photographer and podcaster.  These are things I have long wanted to do, but did not have the motivation to pursue.  But I am highly motivated to document this first in a life-time opportunity to visit intentional Christian communities.

Already, people are asking me about sharing my trip after I get back. That reminds me–I need to contact someone who offered me a place to have such an event.

I feel so grateful for all the details that are falling into place so beautifully.

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