A dream I had about Thirdway Church

I shared in another blog post the reasons that I wanted to visit Thirdway Church.  I had a dream about this group last night. Here it is.

The Dream about Thirdway Church:

I knew that I was with members of the Thirdway church.  I told the group that I wanted to work for them. They immediately built me my own office space. I was a bit disappointed because I had envisioned being part of a kind of open work space, but I was delighted to be welcomed so profusely.  Within hours a construction crew had built me a tiny office that was very narrow with just enough space for a desk.  The ceiling was very high. It was a very unusual office because it was built at a kind of angle, with the desk facing the wall.

Once I got into my office, I sat at my desk.  I started singing a song. Everyone joined in.  I was pleased that they didn’t feel as if their work was being interrupted. They delighted in me.  I immediately invented something. I can’t quite remember what it was–something to do with pouring water into something.  In some ways it worked well, in another way the invention was a failure.  But no one seemed upset.  In fact, they were excited that I was at least trying to do something positive.

I felt a sense of belonging, joy, kindness and welcoming.  People really wanted me to use my gifts and talents.  I felt as if I had come to a place where I could work with a group of people in a positive way.  It was rather strange because I can’t remember individuals. Rather, it was a group energy that pervaded the dream.  I vague remember talking to the coordinator.

Comments on the dream:

When I listened to a few of Seth’s sermons on Thirdway’s website,  I was touched by both Seth’s words and the energy of the group.  The recording device picked up clearly the laughter of the people in the congregation when Seth would say something that was funny.  He has a dry wit that I enjoyed.

So I got a sense from that plus the website plus things that Seth said about their community structure that these people were very warm hearted, authentic, and close to each other.   Perhaps that is why it was easy for me to have a dream where I experienced this from the people in my dream.

I don’t remember reading anything in the website about an office where everyone worked together.  But I could imagine this group starting a business that could be an outreach as well as a source of income as well as a space they could work where spaces could be rented out to entrepreneurs.  I just looked up this very creative co-work which give some ideas about co-working space. https://www.desktimeapp.com/spaces/48-the-coop  Now that I think about it, my office space was not a cubicle where I was isolated.  I had enough privacy so that I could focus, but easy access to other co-workers who seemed to be on various levels.  But no one seemed to be an authoritarian boss.

This dream is very unusual for me because I don’t remember my dreams that often.  I also can’t recall a time where I read the content in a website then immediately dreamed about what read.  (I had read every word on the website the evening before I slept because I wanted to be totally educated about Thirdway Church before I contacted them and asked them if I could stay with someone in their group.)

What a wonderful dream.  Just another incident that makes the preparation for my journey as rich and rewarding as I know the journey will be.

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