Staying at the Simple Way community is simple

I reserved a room at the Hospitality House  which is a kind of simple hotel where people who want to take part in the neighborhood and community activities at The Simple Way community can stay.  It costs only $25 a night unless one stays longer.  I am staying there a week and I get a  40 percent discount.  I am so happy that going to this community was so simple because last I had heard it was rather difficult to visit.

When I had thought about going to the Simple Way years ago the web site said “don’t just show up at our door step because we probably can’t accommodate you.”  I have a feeling they were inundated with visitors after Shane Claiborne, who helped found the community, wrote “The Irresistible Revolution.”  This can be really stressful for a community, especially a Christian one, which wants to help people, but also needs to draw healthy boundaries.

I am excited about visiting these folks. I have not made a direct contact yet. They prefer to communicate via snail mail.

I just have one more community to contact now–The Third Way in St. Paul.  I’m on it:)


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