I am definitely welcome at two communities

I have only contacted two communities out of the four I definitely plan to visit–Reba Place Fellowship near Chicago, and Koinonia in Americus, Georgia. I am so excited!  It took some weeks to figure things out–that has been an adventure in itself, and I already have learned much about the people at Reba Place Fellowship because I have communicated with about five people. The conversations have been very uplifting, thoughtful, inspiring, and helpful.

Reba Place Fellowship is the first destination.  Now I need to contact The Simple Way (Where Shane Claiborne lives) in Philadelphia  and then Third Way  which is St. Paul. If you want to learn more about the communities I plan to visit here is a post I wrote.

I can’t wait to write more about how I communicated with each of the communities which shows their uniqueness.  I am going to start a blog called Intentional Christian Communities Resources so that I can share what I am learning about these wonderful places.  Sure, you can look at their websites.  But to actually interact on-line is another thing.

I leave on July 8 which is Cliff’s birthday and it is almost exactly 14 years ago to the day that I ran away from home. Now that is another story.

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