My reasons for visiting Christian intentional communities

When I felt inspired and compelled to step out in faith for the umpteenth time to create community after reading the Christian Intentional Communities Handbook, for once I did not have a plan.  I just made a blog–easy enough–and started posting a few things. I didn’t even have a vision. That is unusual for me.  But the seed was planted.  About six months later, I felt prompted by what I think is the Holy Spirit to go on a tour of my favorite Christian intentional communities as well as visit and connect with Woodland Hills Church (and hopefully Greg Boyd).

As I planned my trip and researched more about intentional Christian communities, I realized that our unusual family is really a community.  I approached them with this idea, and they were all enthusiastic. I now consider myself living in community with my two former husbands and our two children.

For the first time in years, it seemed that money and time were available for me to take a month long break.  My family is very supportive also–and that helps immensely.

Here they are:

1.  Be able to tell Christian skeptics (that is, they are skeptical about the viability of intentional communities where income and lives are shared so profusely)  that they are thriving, healthy and even doable.

2.  Learn all I can by asking questions, experiencing community life, serving along side the community members, and attending their worship services and other programed events.

3. Document what I learn and experience by writing in my blog, recording interviews, taking pictures, making videos (if I can get the technology)  of what I am doing, and doing podcasts.  (pray for me please: I am not the best at the technological side of documenting things-but I can learn. I also could really use an IPAD)

4.  Make connections, make friends and meet kindred spirits who share aspects of my vision (which I hope encompasses just about everyone’s vision) so that we can collaborate in the future. In person connections are so much more flowing and powerful than meeting on line.

5.  Find people who yearn to live in the country at Wellspring Community as  pioneers who want to help develop community and work on the vision the I share on my blog .

6.  Make the trip itself an adventure by wearing clothes that invite conversation. This was inspired by this wonderful movie, Lord Save Us From Your Followers. I will be mostly traveling by bus at this point.  I envision my self wearing different bumper stickers that will attract all kinds of people–including a diverse group of Christians, atheists, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and people of different faiths. I want to interview people about how they see Christians, invite people to record their statements, write and draw in a notebook I will provide.

I also want to be service oriented and have snacks, children’s toys, and other things that might nurture people. I plan on having some kind of hand out that will inspire people to look at Jesus in a way that motivates them to learn about his basic teachings of love, including non-violence.

7.  Utilize my organizing skills to lead a team to de=clutter a huge project. You can find out more here.

8.  Develop spiritually.  Deepen my love relationship with Jesus and learn to trust him more. Discern what my next step in developing community is. Practice more and more seeing people through God’s eyes as I meet so many new people especially as I travel.  Practice listening more and talking less as I meet the people in communities.  Develop a consistent prayer life moment to moment, feeling a constant awareness of Jesus by my side and in my heart.  Return to my family and faith community a renewed person who is a more effective servant leader.

9.  Learn the exact ways that communities have found to work and live together harmoniously. Learn from their mistakes. Adapt what they share to help me make a good structure for Wellspring Community so that we can build on what others have done and not re-create the wheel.

10.  Be a bumble bee.  I want to share the good news of other communities and resources wit the others and help connect them to each other for mutual benefit.  This is what I call pollinating.

11. I want to have fun and experience extravagant amounts of joy and be a joy starter wherever I go. .

If you can think of any more reasons I should visit intentional communities, or have any comments, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “My reasons for visiting Christian intentional communities

  1. Uhhhhh… Hmmmmm…


  2. Sounds like a potentially great adventure Patricia! I would add one important thing to your list of reasons for going and that is to ‘glean’. You could even make a list as you leave each community of what you would like to keep (glean) as well as what you would discard. Im also wondering if reba house is the same as a community called ‘the Jesus people’ which has been around for decades and I think if memory serves me correctly is in chicago where they own an apartament building and live together serving the local community. As of a few years ago they were welcoming visitors to stay. You may wanna check it out. May your trip be blessed, and may you recieve even more than you hope to on the journey. Peace, Shanti


    1. No, Jesus People USA is different from Reba Place Community. And yes, I do want to glean and write about each community as I go there. I hope that I am visiting places that I am in alignment with and thus won’t have much not to like. But I know that no place is perfect. Thanks for your feedback, Shanti.


  3. Jesus People USA (JPUSA) is a Christian intentional community of 400 people [1] in Uptown, on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1972,[2] coming out of Jesus People Milwaukee in the Jesus Movement, and is the largest of the few remaining communes from that movement. In 1989, JPUSA joined the Evangelical Covenant Church[3] as a member congregation, and currently has eight pastors credentialed with the ECC. The community organizes the annual Cornerstone Festival.[4]


  4. I have checked this community out and I will contact them. I think they are located near where I am getting off the bus in Chicago. Thanks so much, Shanti.


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