To whom is the Lord drawing you as you speak about your desire to learn to love people well?

Here is another question asked by Sally Schreiner Youngquist, director of Reba Place Fellowship, a community I plan to visit: : “To whom is the Lord drawing you as you speak about your desire to learn to love people well?”

My highest priority is to love my two former husbands and my children well. In spite of many challenges, we have managed to all stay together for the past 22 years which is quite unusual I realize but we all have a strong commitment to our children and keeping the family together which has helped us weather many a difficult storm.  We own our land together and hope that wonderful things can happen there.

I highly value the fellowship of Jesus followers who attend the Sunday gathering that my family also attends.  Some are easier to love than others, and I yearn for the day when reconciliation with everyone can happen.

I have many friends and acquaintances of diverse spiritual, political and economic backgrounds who I appreciate very much.  I have yearned to figure out how to connect with them more.  I love our conversations and chance meetings. I don’t have a lot of time to spend with friends except on Sundays when I go to our fellowship–so I try to make quality time with the moments that we do connect.

There are numerous people in my life both friends, acquaintances, chance meetings, family members and others who have either rejected me or irritate me.  I want to learn to see past their pain and my pain and love them.  I want to love people like Obama and other politicians and leaders who I think do very destructive things.  We are called to love our enemies and overcome evil with good. I want to do that.

As a professional organizer, cleaner, gardener, administrative assistant and doer of odd jobs, most of my clients have quite different spiritual beliefs than I do.  They include a Buddhist, secular humanist, Unitarian, Jew, and all paths lead to God type believer.  I do my best to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them, and they all know I am a follower of Jesus and we get a long very well.

We live in a neighborhood where our closest and most visible neighbors are black.  I long to be more involved in our neighborhood where it is evident that there is much drinking and other kinds of ways of dealing with pain going on.  We have had many opportunities to overcome evil with good and we have hopes that we have built trust with our neighbors over the past two years.  But so much more could be done.

I am strongly drawn to Jesus followers who are doing things that are powerful and transforming including those listed in my vision here.

I have a heart for hurting Christians who believe that if they would just read the bible more, pray more, listen to more teachings, and go to more bible studies, they could do better.  I also want to reach out to those Christians who have left their faith because of other Christians, and lost and sad people who have rejected Christianity because of being hurt by Christians.

My heart goes out to anyone in pain.  I identify with people who are suffering, although I don’t get overwhelmed.  I yearn to see churches and followers of Jesus to be involved in the work that God wants us to do so that all may know Jesus in a tangible way and choose to follow him because of the love they experience from Jesus followers.  That is why I have this vision which really reaches out in love to everyone on the planet.

I want to see anyone that crosses my path with the eyes of God. I believe he loves everyone especially.  If I can see everyone in that way, then it is healing to them and to me.

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