My Immanuel Approach Story Part 3

I shared previously how I had a wonderful Immanuel Approach session with Vivian.  We ended up not having enough time for me to have a session. She had said that she did not want to just be the recipient and take from me, but she also wanted to give.  So we arranged a time for me to get together with her so that she could facilitate.

I handed the one page summary of how to facilitate the Immanuel Approach to Vivian and I prayed.  She simply followed the sheet and things flowed wonderfully.  First I shared a memory of feeling connected to Jesus.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to work on, but a stream of memories came where I invited Jesus to be present.  In spite of the fact that someone in the other room was talking on the phone really loud and in some ways my attention was split, I was able to enter into these memories and feel Jesus presence very strongly. Vivian’s natural ability to express unconditional love and acceptance helped me to feel safe as well.  It was as if we were both feeling the presence of Jesus with me sharing my experiences and her hearing about them.  The atmosphere was charged with love and warmth and timelessness.  I was astonished at how real Jesus was in each memory and the kinds of things he said and did in my hurting times.

After I shared, Vivian gave her insights as to what had happened. I now can not remember what she shared briefly, but I felt nurtured, heard and validated.  She enjoyed being there for me in this loving way as much as I enjoyed being the receiver.

Vivian was going to be out of town for five weeks but she said, “When I come back I want to do this every week until I go back home.”  I was over joyed to hear that she wanted to connect with Jesus and me in this way.  She has not returned yet but I look forward to more healing time.

I have since done a bit more research about Immanuel Approach and have connected with the teacher, Jessica Handy who I hope to visit when I visit Reba Place Fellowship.  I plan on introducing this my friends who I fellowship with.  I have heard marvelous things about the Immanuel Approach, and have now experienced it for myself.



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