My Immanuel Approach story: Part 2

Vivian and I first took a leisurely walk with her son and we connected once again and felt very comfortable with each other.  I was able to really encourage her son who was having some problems with learning disabilities, and so that bonded Vivian and I even more.  We then found a secluded place outside under a tree.  We sat facing each other.  I started with a prayer. Then I asked Vivian to recall a positive memory of perceiving the Lord’s presence.

I was delighted and surprised to hear her tell me about how just last Easter a neighbor had come and shared the story of Jesus crucifixion and resurrection.  Vivian had felt a warm, tingling sensation and a feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of safe, unconditional love.

Then I asked Vivian to share with  me the burden she had in her heart.  She proceeded to tell me a very difficult situation that she had with a family member where she outwardly dealt with the problem as the loving person that she normally is, but inwardly she was hating the person. When the family member died,  Vivian felt terribly guilty and regretful that she could not deal with the situation better. She saw that if she did not deal with this guilt and shame that she might start doing the same thing in similar situations and she was very afraid. I gazed at her with unconditional love and acceptance, and this experience in itself was very comforting to her and helped me to connect with my “Godsight”–how much God loved her in spite of her shortcomings.

I asked Vivian to close her eyes and remember the memory of Jesus that she shared with me.   This is not the exact way that the sheet said to do it, but it was the way it flowed.

Vivian immediately had a vision of Jesus and a picture of how he was comforting her.  I can not remember the exact vision she had, but it was very beautiful and real to her and to me. The presence of Jesus felt very strong to both of us.  I was both amazed and touched by how powerful the vision was for her as she described it to me.  She felt a profound sense of safety and protection.

After the experience she had with Jesus, Vivian told me that she felt the weight had been lifted off of her.  She felt completely clean and refreshed. I was so happy for her.

We went on a walk and talked more about her heart and her dreams and concerns. I felt so connected to her–more than ever before.  We had always been good friends, but as I told her when she told me she wanted to confess her burden to me, “I always felt like I was at the bottom of the barrel in your list of friends,”  and her answer was, “You are now at the top of the barrel.”  Well, I don’t have a need to be her best friend, but I am so glad that I can share Jesus with her because not only does this help her emotionally and spiritually, but it gives us something very  wonderful and special to have in common.

If you want to hear about my experience with Vivian facilitating me with the Immanuel Approach, you can go here.

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