A community service project I could do when I visit communites

Coordinating a team to do a big de-cluttering project might be a great service I could offer which would  help either the actual community that I am visiting or their neighborhood.

Five great reasons for working on an organizing, de-cluttering project are:

1.  We can be the hands and feet of Jesus serving others

2.  I can get to know community members better–and they me–as we work together.

3.  Since my funds are limited, this can be one way I can pay for my room and board.

4.  Someone will get a wonderful, clear environment which will hopefully help them to transform their lives in many other ways with the help of follow up from the community.

5.  The whole thing could be made into a video to show both the process–which any service group could do–and to share how Jesus followers are working in their neighborhood or community.

With my experience being a professional organizer for thirteen years, I have developed a system of de-cluttering and organizing fast which, with a team effort, could just take a day to work miracles in one of those homes similar to those seen on shows like the Hoarders.  The main ingredients are lots and lots of boxes and trash bags plus willing people to help and a trusting client who knows we will keep our word and not throw anything he or she might want.

You can read a brief description of my latest job where everything I have been learning and practicing fell into place so I have a clear understanding of the fastest, simplest way to take an overwhelming environment  and turn it into a peaceful environment with minimal stress on the client.

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