Joy Starts Here: A model for healthy community

Through my connection with folks who are into the Immanuel Approach, I contacted Jim Wilder who then encouraged me to get involved in a discussion about the beta book, Joy Starts Here which you can find here:

This book has so many elements of helping people who follow Jesus to have healthy  community that are not found in other Christian materials I have read–and I am an avid researcher.  However, in my four decades of researching, searching for, and experiencing community, I have found that what this book contains is almost every element of healing and healthy relating that non-Christian communities encourage. 

I bought five books and shared them with people to see if they were on the same wave length.  I felt so encouraged by the enthusiastic response. I have been a forum where people are giving feedback about the book, and I am happy to see the harmonious interactions going on.

I encourage you to learn more about this book.

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